About The Members of PCA

We are a team of experts comprised of business consultants, marketers, car wash operators, and management specialists brought together to offer our clients breakthrough approaches to help them successfully operate their businesses.

In the washing business, dynamics are continually changing as growth occurs. This can result in high stress and lower profits and cash flow, all while managing people, money, and processes. We have identified five major points that we find most businesses utilize and have developed a success strategy to work through them. Whether your company is a family business, a small business, or a mid-size business, Pentagon Consulting Associates works with other companies like yours. We are experts in “the business of being in business.”

Pentagon Consulting Associates offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical training, business consultation services, and education services. These are designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their management, car washing, and financial skills.
Our experts in advanced analytics, business intelligence, real-time data management, car wash management and training, and information strategy are unprecedented. Our extensive management business consulting capabilities can help you achieve your goals.

The PCA Advantage

This increasingly fluid and competitive environment has not escaped us. More and more, we have seen our clients seek our guidance and support in facing the uncertainties of the future.

Unquestionable Integrity

Personal and Corporate integrity are the foundation for all of our activities. We are committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct and our passion for this ideal will never be compromised.

Energy and Enthusiasm

We bring enormous energy and enthusiasm to our profession, knowing the difference we can make in the success of our clients and the lives of our candidates. Our ability to energize others and to share our enthusiasm which is what sets us apart.

Unsurpassed Knowledge

Adept, decisive and innovative. Three imperatives in today's economic environment that will help you endure and prosper. Pentagon Consulting Associates is a strong and stable partner that can help transform your enterprise in the midst of rapid change.

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