Success In the Car Wash Industry

The PCA 5-Point Success Strategy


Focusing purely on the drivers which relate to your company’s financial health is what the Five Point Success Strategy is all about.

Point One – Equipment

There are hundreds of nuances in determining whether your current equipment optimizes your overall operations. From cleaning capacity, to imbedded costs, we take your current equipment scenario and analyze it to make recommendations for a better quality product which operates under the parameters you select. Our equipment experts have over 50 years total experience with all types of wash equipment. Whether you wash trains, planes, busses, or cars; maximizing the equipment segment is critical

Point Two – Finances

Understanding your complete capital structure takes skill, understanding, and a mastery of finance. Your books are our business. Of course, we at PCA keep your vital information under the strictest confidence and are willing to back that up with a complete non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Two of our associates have held either Secret or Top-Secret Security Clearances in Government organizations. Helping you determine ways to stay profitable require a complete review of your current financial position with regard to the business operations.

Point Three – Operations

Focusing on both human capital and job functionality, wash operations is one of the most critical factors in the success equation. Time in motion studies, job descriptions, policies and procedures, time sensitive tasks, and site set up are all extremely vital in achieving financial success.
We focus in on each of these to maximize revenue, reduce waste, and make the business operate in a much more efficient capacity.

Point Four – Sales

The front line for profitability. Maximizing efforts in this area will lead to increased profits. Marketing efforts help to educate. Merchandising suggests the sale and reinforces with a strong message. Point of sale efforts (whether an auto cashier, or a trained service advisor), can create demand and offer an opportunity for an up-sell. Keeping the sales machine fresh by having a daily plan of execution, and keeping trained in the latest successful soft selling/up-selling methods can increase revenue exponentially. Are you leaving money on the table? Most wash operations are not operating as efficiently as they could.

Point Five – Training

Whether it is an entire staff focused on delivering the company’s message, or a single associate who needs to be better educated about his or her job function, training is the key to future success and a more stress-free operation. Having properly motivated and trained associates can mean the difference between success and failure. Some of the most successful companies engage in regular operational and motivation training. Invest in the future of your business; engage your employees with meaningful and purposeful training regimens.